Sa-Eun Moon
사은 Designs
♡ graphics & illustrations ♡

사은 Designs

♡ graphics & illustrations ♡


About Me

There are two things I love deeply : creating, and stories.

I tend to aim for lighthearted ambiance in the aesthetic of my work, favoring content that involves strength, bravery, fashion/design, rebellion, and fantasy. 

Whether game graphics or illustrating, the work is functionally the same : depicting a story, in a marketable way, quickly and without hesitating to revise or redo the work as much as is needed. While this can be a challenging job, it fits well with a love for storytelling and designing.

Personal Info

SaEun Moon

11 years

Character design, Print graphics, Web graphics, and Illustration

Additional Info

Proficient with
Deadlines, collaborating with peers, editing and revision

Awards & Recognitions
Won many competitions, have had works featured by Nickelodeon, MTV, Welovefine, and a number of publications, as well as fine arts galleries.

Point of interest
High rate of repeat clients
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